Welcome to The Moth!

We appreciate your interest in the Manager, Membership & Special Events position. We are looking to expand our Development Team by adding a creative and dynamic new Manager to grow our individual donor base. This questionnaire asks a few basic questions plus seven open-ended questions that will help us get to know you a little. (Please limit your longer responses to 250 words or less.) Before you complete the questionnaire, we encourage you to get to know us a little by listening to a few of our podcasts at http://themoth.org/stories.

Thank you!
Last Name, First Name

City and State of Residence

Email Address

Are you currently authorized to work in the United States?

Why The Moth?
Tell us a little bit about why our organization and the Manager, Membership & Special Events position is of interest to you.

How would you get started?
What would your first 30, 60 or 90 days look like in this role?

Which was your favorite?
Of all the experiences listed on your resume, tell us which one you liked best and why.

How do you manage?
Tell us a few ways you stay organized and/or provide a specific example of how you managed a project.

What's your style?
Tell us how your boss and co-workers would describe you.

What do you bring?
Tell us about your unique voice and/or perspective that will contribute to the diversity of our workplace.

What's the dream?
Tell us what you'd like to be doing five years from now.

What are your salary expectations?

Anything else? (optional)
Please feel free to provide links to your LinkedIn profile ... your blog ... your podcast ... Tumblr ... or any of your work that you'd like to share with us!

Thank you so much for answering our questions and for your interest in our Manager, Membership & Special Events position!

To complete your application, please be sure to email your resume to jobs@themoth.org. (Cover letter is optional, as you just completed our form!)

We're reviewing applications on a rolling basis through March 15.  While we're sadly unable to send individual follow-ups/application statuses to every applicant, please know that we read every submission and so appreciate your interest in The Moth!

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