The Moth helps people connect with their own power as a storyteller, and with one another. Our mission is to honor the diversity and commonality of human experience through the art and craft of storytelling.
Our energetic team is made up of directors and producers, archivists and educators with a passion for stories and community building through storytelling.
The Moth seeks to hire staff who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. All positions at The Moth are filled without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, HIV/AIDS status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. The Moth brings storytelling opportunities to people from a variety of communities. Candidates with a commitment to supporting diversity are strongly encouraged to apply.
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If you are not authorized to work in the United States, please know that this is an entry-level position, which makes it nearly impossible for us to sponsor a work visa for you. *

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Why The Moth?
Tell us why you’re interested in storytelling, excited by the internship you selected and what you expect to do with these skills when you leave. *

Who's your favorite?
Of all the experiences listed on your resume, tell us which one you liked best and why. *

How do you manage?
Tell us a few ways you stay organized and/or provide a specific example of how you organized a project. *

All Moth interns answer our main telephone lines and respond to general email enquiries. Tell us about a time you excelled at a customer service challenge. *

What do you bring?
Tell us about your unique voice and/or perspective that will contribute to the diversity of our workplace. *

What's the dream?
Tell us what you'd like to be doing five years from now. *

Anything else? (optional)
Please feel free to provide links to your LinkedIn profile ... your blog ... your podcast ... Tumblr ... Or any work  you'd like to share with us!

Thank you so much for answering our questions and for your interest in our Internship!

To complete your application, email your resume to with the name of the internship you’re applying to in the subject line.

While we're sadly unable to send individual follow-ups/application statuses to every applicant, please know that we read every submission, and so appreciate your interest in The Moth!

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